08/2017 – Zhenghua Forest, 16 Sep 2017 (T_202)

14 Sep

I left my house at 6.30 am. Along the way from Jurong to Zhenghua, the sky was very cloudy and I received messages from participants that it was raining heavily with thunderstorm in the east as well as Yishun and Ang Mo Kio areas. A few asked whether the outing was on or not. I replied yes although I was not optimistic that it could proceed as planned. At 7 am, it was drizzling at Zhenghua and started to get heavier. To my surprise, all turned up except one.  We enjoyed our breakfast and nice chit-chat at the coffee shop near Kim San Leng for more than 2 hours!


(Photo by Hwang Nian Huei)

The rain finally stopped at 9.15 am. We headed to our macro site, about 200 metres away from the coffee shop.

IMG_0444 1280

There is a piece of greenery where we could find vegetables and various fruit trees probably planted by nearby residents.  Here is a White Mulberry tree full of fruits on it.  Do you know why it is called White Mulberry where their fruits when ripe are pink in colour?


(White Mulberry)

There were quite a lot of ginger flowers and dragon fruits.

A few spiders were spotted including a Laglaise’s Garden Spider and a tiny lynx spider with prey.

Leaf-footed bug and katydid nymph used to be abundant here but we could only find a few.

Allan found a earwig, an insect not so commonly found in Singapore.


(Earwig by Allan Lee)

Two different moth species were spotted too.

At 10.15 am, we headed towards the forested area and Allan found an interesting stick insect. Many insects use mimicry, a form of camouflage that entails acting like another object or organism. Few are more talented mimics than stick insects, which disguise themselves as twigs!

Robberflies are quite commonly found in the forest but this species, nicely captured by Allan & Sia, is not.

This is likely to be a Wood Boring Beetle. Let us know if it is not.

Wide-Jawed Viciria is a relatively large species of jumping spider. This is a handsome male with a wide long jaw.

Butterflies are so difficult to photograph but Kyaw Htay managed to shoot this beautiful common bluebottle.


Due to the wet weather in the past two days, there were plenty of fungi on the forest floor.

A caterpillar with water droplets on its body caught our attention. Most of us took turns to have at least a shot with it.

After a fruitful day, we packed up at about 11.30 am. While on our way out, we saw a flying lizard. Only Kyaw Htay and Lester caught it on camera!

Participants : Catherine E, Henry Tan, Hwang Nian Huei, Kyaw Htay, Lester Koh, Sia Kian Teck, Allan Lee, Endy, Sharon S Lim, Anthony Quek (Trip Leader)

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