01/2019, Laurel Woods, 16 Feb 2019 (T_217)

TM Seah - Spider front

Spider Front by TM Seah


Kyaw Htay -Oriental Whip Snake

Oriental Whip Snake by Kyaw Htay


Allan Lee -The Last One

The Last One by Allan Lee


Blogging in progress . . . . . .

Participants(12): Allan Lee, Anthony Quek, Ben Ee, Catherine E, David Wong, Dion Wong, Henry Tan, John Chung, Kyaw Htay, Philip Bunce, TM Seah, Endy (trip leader)

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11/2018, Segar Nature Trail, 22 Dec 2018 (T_216)

A superb weather greeted us at Segar Nature Trail.


It was a little windy and we could see lots of wild flowers dancing along with the leaves.  Mimosa is a beautiful wild flower which looks like small pink ball.  Their fragrances often attract the slow-moving katydid.

Not too sure the name of this common wild flower which were plentiful.  The young katydids love them so much that you can find as many as 3 of them on a single flower.


(By Anthony Quek)

Here is a frontal shot of a pretty grasshopper enjoying its delicious breakfast on another species of wild flower.

Kyaw 1

(By Kyaw Htay)

The surrounding was fairly wet and it was a good opportunity to shoot dew or water drops.

There were lots of lawn wolf spiders which built sheet-webs that sparkle with dew drops over grassy ground.


(Sheet-webs built by Lawn Wolf Spiders)

The wolf spider hides in a silken funnel that leads to the web and pounce on any prey that lands on it.

Other species of spiders were successful in their hunt for preys too.

The whole landscape of this macro site was bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun.


This curious caterpillar must have liked the sun alot as it climbed onto the tip of a leave showing off its interesting V-shaped head.

Allan 1

(Caterpillar by Allan Lee)

Butterflies and moths enjoyed the bright sunny day too.

It was also a good day to find a mate!

We were pleasantly surprised to find 5 tortoise beetles at various spots of the site.  Most of us took some shots of them as they are quite uncommon in Singapore.

Other subjects spotted include beetle, snail, dragonfly, hoverfly, spiders, etc.

Here is a short video of this outing.

Glad that this last iMOG outing in 2018 was a successful one.  Looking  forward to another fruitful year of macro photography in 2019!

Participants: Cathy Wong, Jan Kong, Dion Wong, Henry Tan, John Chung Yuk Kong, Junko Wei, Kyaw Htay, Lee Yue Teng, Lester Koh, Phang Wai Keong, Sia Kian Teck, Allan Lee, Endy, Anthony Quek (Trip Leader)

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10/2018, A Hidden Woods, 8 Dec 2018 (T_215)

Some where in the woodlands area there is a green with a little woods, hidden from the main roads and residential.

iMOG T215 Hidden WoodsWe went to have a look at the little lives there.

Endy - T_215 on the wayWe walked through the ex-railway line.

It was full of lives:

Anthony Quek - Young Cotton Stainer

Young Cotton Stainers by Anthony Quek


Endy - Focus on Dragonfly

Focus on Dragonfly by Endy


Kyaw Htay -Mating Darts

Mating Darts by Kyaw Htay


Catherine E - A Little Bug

A Little Bug by Catherine E


Kyaw Htay -KH31834

Dragonfly by Kyaw Htay


Anthony Quek - Mating Flies

Mating flies by anthony Quek


Endy - Limicolaria Flammea

Limicolaria Flammea by Endy


Catherine E - Dart front view

Dart by Catherine E


Here is a video by Cathy:


After walking and photographing for a few hours we finally reached the Little Woods. Before we entered the little woods, we took a group photo together:

Catherine E - T_215 group photo

Group Photo by Catherine E


Although tired, but we managed explore the area a little bit:

Endy - Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth by Endy


Catherine E - Eggfly

Eggfly by Catherine E



The Little Woods by Endy


Catherine E - Spider on ground

Spider by Catherine E


Endy - Diurnal Cricket

Diurnal cricket by Endy


As tired, we did not explore some internal paths  at the bridge level :

Endy - not yet explored2

Not Yet Explored by Endy

Next time, we shall make some time  to explore it.

Participants(9): Anthony Quek, Cathy E, Dion Wong, Henry Tan, Kyaw Htay, Sia KT, Victor, Zaw Min, Endy(trip leader)

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09/2018 – Toh Tuck Woods, 27 Oct 2018 (T_214)

The wooded area  hear is mainly regrowth/secondary forest, mixed with some remaining old kampong plantation. There are line drains and earth streams hiding inside the forest. A community garden is located just next to the forested area, and it has provided good opportunity for us. As usual, Anthony and Kyaw Htay started their shooting much earlier than our meeting time, and Lester has also joined the “early bird” group this time round. Compared to our visit in last April, number of macro subjects seems to be a bit lower. However, there are still sufficient subjects to keep us busy…


Kyaw Htay, Lester & Anthony searching for shooting subjects


Lester in action


Said “Hi” to Ant


By Anthony


Michael in action

Catherine E - Little Butterfly

Endy - Caterpillars

Endy - Dart


KH04668KH04658KH04662KH04677KH04692_DSC1589_DSC1665_DSC1791_DSC1915DSC_4742-1 (Copy)

DSC_4764-1 (Copy)DSC_4790-1 (Copy)DSC_4805-1 (Copy)DSC_4853-1 (Copy)DSC_4871-1 (Copy)DSC_4872-1 (Copy)DSC_4909-1 (Copy)DSC_4915-1 (Copy)


Endy - resting photographer

While we were taking a rest, a subject was checking our equipment. Can you guess who the photographer in the background is?


At last but not least here’s a video by Cathy


See you next time!

Participants (7) : Michael Toh, Lester Koh, Kyaw Htay, Cathy, Endy, Anthony Quek & Cai Yixiong (Trip Leader)

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08/2018 – Telok Blangah Hill Park, 13 Oct 2018 (T_213)

Telok Blangah Hill Park is part of the Southern Ridges, which also comprises Mount Faber Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. There are many forested trails which offer ample opportunities for macro photography.

It was raining the night before but it stopped at about 8 am. Unfortunately, it started raining again at 10.30 am. Here were some images taken during the 2.5 hours of shooting.

Endy - Eggfly under Fern

Eggfly under Fern by Endy


(Giant Shield Bug by Allan Lee)


(Mushrooms by Anthony)


Here is a video by Cathy:


Participants (12) : Ben Ee, Catherine E, Dion Wong, Henry Tan, Hwang Nian Huei, Kyaw Htay, Lee Yue Teng, Seah Tock Moh, Sharon S Lim, Endy, Allan Lee,, Anthony Quek (trip leader)

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07/2018 – Sunsetway, 22Sep2018 (T_212)

Endy - Leafy fungi

Leafy Fungi by Endy

This morning, we found quite many subjects at the new sites. There were fungi, Beetles, Flies, Dargonflies, Damselflies, Spiders, Hoppers, Butterflies, Moths, Ants, and many others. Below are the best taken by participants:

David Wong - A Fly

A Fly by David Wong

A Fly can be beautiful too, as David shows us his close up!

Many butterflies were flying around:

Kyaw Htay - Common Tit

Common Tit by Kyaw Htay

(click to enlarge)

Some Moths:

David Wong - Moth on Leaf

Moth on Leaf by David Wong

Yue Teng Found a couple of arrow shaped moths (click to enlarge).

Cathy saw a very interesting moth:


Many Beetles :

Kah Wai - 2 young Cotton Stainers

Young Cotton stainers by Choy Kah Wai

(click to enlarge)

Some spiders:

Samuel D - spider

Spider by Samuel Dai

Spiders by Alaster and Seah TM (click to enlarge)


Endy - Red Dragon

Red Dragon by Endy

Lee Yue Teng - Newly Emerged

Newly Emerged by Lee Yue Teng


Lee Yue Teng - Mating Damselflies

Mating Damselflies by Lee Yue Teng

Seah TM - Ornate Coraltail

Ornate Coraltail by Seah TM


Grasshopper & Plant hopper by Alaster (click to enlarge)

David Wong - Weaver Ants

Weaver Ants by David Wong

The last but not least:

A very interesting  caterpillar that can mimic the weaver Ants.

Seah TM - Ant-mimic caterpillar

Ant-mimic Caterpillar by Seah TM

It was a caterpillar form of moth ” Homodes bracteigutta “.

It mimics Not just one! but two Weaver Ants!


See you next time !

Participants (12): Kyaw Htay, Catherine E, Choy Kah Wai, Seah Tock Moh, Sharon SongLim, Samuel Dai, Henry Tan, Dion Wong, Lee Yue Teng, Alaster, David Wong,  Endy (trip leader)


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06/2018 – Laurel Woods, 25Aug2018 (T_211)

The night before, the weather forecast indicated that there will be thundery showers on the island. We were disheartened but nevertheless hoped for the best, as always.

So I woke up at 615am to check on the weather and it was all clear! A group whatsapp message was sent to all participants at 645am to proceed as planned. By 730am, all have gathered at the meeting point. It was a hot and sunny morning.

There were dews everywhere! Anthony had many choices and was busy looking for the perfect sparkle.

Anthony Quek

We found several common subjects as well as weird ones. Hope u enjoy what we found at Laurel Woods.




Anthony Quek

Mushroom by Nian Huei

Bark Lice by KT Sia


Yin Leng

Sumatran Paper Wasp by Yew Teng

Larva of a Green Lacewing by Samuel

Kyaw Htay



Grenadier by Yew Teng

Samuel Dai


John Chung

Mushroom by Anthony Quek

Day moth by John Chung


Yew Teng


Participants: Cathy, Sia KT, Kyaw Htay, Nian Huei, Samuel Dai, Yew Teng, Yin Leng, Endy and Anthony. Trip leader: Sharon S. Lim