03/2017 – Toh Tuck Woods, 04 Mar 2017 (T197)

ENDY - Malayan Lascar-

Malayan Lascar by Endy


(Tiny butterfly by Anthony Quek)

Blogging in progress . . .

Participants (10) : Linda Phua, Htike Htike Win, Tan Swee Yuan, David Wong, Kyaw Htay, Sia KT, Allan Lee, Anthony Quek, Endy, Cai Yixiong (trip leader)

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02/2017 – Holland Woods, 18 Feb 2017 (T196)

Holland Woods is a forested area located opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  Running through the forest, is a canal that leads to Sungei Ulu Panda. On both sides of the canal are lined with tall grasses, making it a good site for macro photography.


This place used to be frequently visited by members of NPSS & iMOG in the years 2008 to 2010 because there were lots of subjects especially dragonflies and damselflies. Unfortunately, from 2011 – 2013, it became less popular probably due to the overly-managed on the vegetation by PUB contractors as well as large number of visitors and cyclists going through it to the KTM line.  Our last iMOG outing here was 14 Sep 2013.  From 2014, this site was not accessible to the public due to the widening of road around this stretch of area until this year.

We were glad to find that Holland Woods looked as wild as before with plenty of wild flowers greeting us at the entrance.

ENDY - wild flowers2.jpg

(Wild flowers by Endy)

The shooting site were surrounded with tall grasses where most of us got our pants wet bashing through.


I was hopping to shooting insects with dew but it was not a good day to do so.  Nevertheless, Henry still managed to photograph a tiny hopper with interesting water droplets.

Surprisingly, not many damselflies were spotted.  We found only a handful of Common Bluetail and Variable Wisp.


There were quite a number of butterflies but not easy to capture them into pixels.

Other subjects found include spiders, various hoppers, Ladybird, hover flies, etc.

It was nice to see many beautiful flowers of different colours growing healthy along the canal.

Can you spot an insect on the flowers below?


We ended the outing at 10.30 am and headed to Bukit Timah Food Centre for our early lunch.

Participants: Kelvin Dao, Linda Phua, Kyaw  Htay, Latish, Samuel Dai, Victor Ong, Lim Ser Yong, Henry Tan, Dion, Endy, Anthony Quek (Trip Leader)

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01/2017 – Jalan Sam Kong Si, 21 Jan 2017 (T195)

What a good turn out! We were surprised that many friends, including those who only appear once in a very long time, joined this outing.


The new site was very green and beautiful.


We had to enter the site through an opening in a thick foliage.


Flatid Planthopper by Nicky Bay

As we entered, we were greeted by a beautiful planthopper.

Then, we saw many more species. Below are the best from our photographers:


Red bracket fungi by Endy


A little beetle by Nicky Bay


Weaver ant & planthopper by Kelvin Dao


Spiders were aplenty there, here are some of them :


Ant mimicking jumping spider by Nicky Bay


A jumping spider by Kyaw Htay


A closer look at the jumping spider by Nicky Bay


Spittting spider by Nicky Bay


Many dragonflies were flying around:


Dragonfly in flight by Ben Ee

It was not easy to get close to certain species.


A resting dragonfly by Ben Ee


Close up of a Red dragonfly by Kelvin Dao

But still, there were some that allowed us to slowly approach.


Dragonfly up close by Catherine E


Butterflies were also everywhere :


A few butterflies by Ben Ee


Blue Glassy Tiger by Catherine E

They were flying most of the time and stop for a while. Some species just wouldn’t let us get near them.


Peacock Pansy by Endy



Photographers among the bushes


In the green bushes, we also found:


Yellow ladybird beetle by Catherine E


Katydid nymph by Nicky Bay


Moulting Katydid by Nicky Bay


Later that day, Nicky found a Golden Orb weaver spider with prey and showed it to us.


Catch of the day by Goh Teck Leong

Nicky used his latest experimental camera setup to do wide angled Macro and the results are quite interesting:


Golden Orb weaver spider with prey by Nicky Bay


Golden Orb weaver spider by Nicky Bay


When were about to leave the site, suddenly, we saw a tree frog :


Four lined tree frog by Goh Teck Leong

It is a nocturnal animal, so it looked hanging there sleepily.


Another view of the frog by Hwang Nian Huei


Coming out of the site we saw a group of Grass Yellow butterflies drinking on the ground:


Grass yellow butterflies by Catheriine E


After photographing the butterflies we went for a lunch together at a nearby Coffeeshop.



The food were good! The photos are not bad eh? Next time do join us in outing again ; )

What a successful outing! See you again soon!

Participants: Syn Chue Pui, Kyaw Htay, Tiang Hwee Ee (Ben Ee), Kelvin Dao, Linda Phua Mee Kan, Samuel Dai, Nicky Bay, Ko Aung, Goh Teck Leong, Dion Wong, Henry Tan, Huang Nian Huei, Catherine, Endy (Trip leader).


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11/2016 – Memories at Old Ford Factory, 26 Nov 2016 (T194)



We started off at a very dense bushes with ferns, Colocasia sp., Micania sp., etc.


Fern Leaf by Allan Lee

There were many little creatures . . .


Peacock Pansy by Allan Lee


Little Ladybird Beetle by Anthony Quek

15 spider - HtikeHtikeWin.jpg

Spider on Fern by Htike Htike Win


Dead hanging grasshopper by Allan Lee


Spider with Prey by Anthony Quek


Surviving Diurnal Cricket with broken legs by Endy

Dews were still in sight . . .


Dews on Leaf by Endy


Long legged fly by Hwang Nian Huei


Fungus grown planthopper by Allan Lee

We, later, moved on to the hidden path under the thick foliage . . .


The internal path

Some Fig trees were fruiting.


Fruiting Fig by allan Lee

At the leaf litter level, we found fungus!


Worm on Fungus by Anthony Quek


Little Bracket Fungus by Endy


Fungus Colony by Anthony Quek

Some other little creatures include:


Bug Front by Htike Htike Win


Striped Bipalium Flatworm by Cathy

A fallen tree had cut the path short. Reaching the end, we saw a nice little frog.


Frog above Water by Endy & A Big Caterpillar by Cathy

Turning back, we saw a big fat caterpillar.

And above the branch, there was a strange looking moth.

90 moth in the day - Endy.jpg

Moth in the Day by Endy

Then, before we got out of the canopies, there was a beautiful caterpillar . . .


Golden Caterpillar, side view by Htike Htike Win


Golden caterpillar, top view by Cathy

Out of the path, we climbed the slope to reach the carpark. At Midway, the last subject found us! Ha Ha!


The last subject – Snowlike Fungus by Endy

We ended the trip and had lunch together at MidViewCity. We all had a good time at the new site!

See you again at another new Site    : )


Participants: Dion Wong, Henry Tan, David Wong, Htike Htike Win, Allan Lee, Anthony Quek, Huang Nian Huei, Catherine, Endy (Trip leader)

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10/2016 – Segar Nature Trail, 17 September 2016 (T193)

It has been almost a year since we last visited Segar Nature Trail on 18 October 2015. By 7.45 am, all participants had arrived. We started shooting at the greenery under the Kranji Expressway.


There were plentiful of hoppers and katydids.


(Hoppers and Katydid by Kyaw Htay)

Katydids eat leaves, stems and fruits of many plants but their favourite breakfast has to be these bright colourful flowers.


(Katydid nymph by Anthony Quek)

Endy found a snail on a tree trunk and a beautiful yellow flower filled with morning dew.


There was a farm nearby where we found many familiar vegetables and fruits such as Lady Fingers, Long Beans, Red Padi Chillies, Brinjal, Papaya, banana, etc.


Allan spotted an obedient Changeable Lizard here.


(Portrait of Changeable Lizard by Allan Lee)

It has interesting textures throughout its body.


(By Allan Lee)

There was a longkang (which means drain in Malay) where we could see wild fishes in it.

img_7516Dragonflies and damselflies were easily spotted.  Ben Ee captured a Agrionoptera insignis and Agriocnemis femina while Kyaw Htay shot a Orthetrum luzonicum.


Participants : Ben Ee, Kyaw Htay, Yue Teng, Seah Tock Moh, Wong Heng Meng, CP Syn, Alfredo, Henry Tan, Endy, Allan Lee, Anthony Quek (Trip Leader)

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9/2016 – Zhenghua Forest, 13 Aug 2016 (T192)


(Leaf-footed Bug Nymph by Anthony Quek)


(Moulting Leaf-footed Bug by Anthony Quek)


(Stick Spider vs Crab Spider by Cai Yixiong)


(Changeable Lizard by Kyaw Htay)


(Spiders by TM Seah)

Blogging in progress …

Paricipants : Henry Tan, Dion Wong, Kyaw Htay, TM Seah, Allan Lee, Anthony Quek, Cai Yixiong (Trip Leader)


8/2016 – Pasir Ris Park, 9 July 2016 (T191)

It is a hot day. Shooting starts around 8.00am, with a major distraction: At least 7 Oriental Pied Hornbill were spotted and many went around shooting them. They were not wary of humans and a few came low enough for our macro lens to capture them.

Hornbill by Tim

Oriental Pied Hornbill by Timothy

After the hornbill episode, all were happy to back to shooting macro subjects at our usual playground, the Kitchen Garden.

Subjects were aplenty.



With the hot weather, many were in the mood for catching up at the cosy shelter, and shooting ends around 10.30am.


Participants: Henry, Lee Yue Teng, Kyaw Htay, Marcus Chia, Kelly Ong,Sia KT, Timothy Tan, Allan & Hazel (Trip Leader)